Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a free-to-play mobile game based on the hit anime and manga series, Tokyo Ghoul.

Form squads composed of your favorite Ghoul, Human, and Hybrid characters, then fight your way through a robust single player campaign or challenge other players in multiple exciting PvP modes.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War features real-time, 3D action RPG gameplay, delivering the feel of a full handheld game to your Apple or Android device.

Choose from over 50 characters to create your ultimate dream team. Ghouls and humans can fight side by side on the same team as you strive to build the strongest combinations!

Forge special bonds between certain characters to increase their power. With over 50 characters to choose from, what bonds will you form to strengthen your team?

Ken Kaneki

The main protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki, was a human living a relatively normal life, but a date with Rize Kamishiro changed his life forever – for, little did he know, she was a ghoul and he was her prey.


Launches 4 Rinkaku Kagune attacks at one target, dealing massive damage.


Unleashes Kagune and relentlessly attacks, striking enemies in front of him multiple times.

Hell Lash

Launches an aerial attack and burrows Kagune into the ground, dealing massive damage to enemies in target area and briefly stunning them.


Every n% HP lost will provide n% Crit Rate and n% Crit damage rate.

Touka Kirishima

Touka Kirishima works hard to maintain her double-life. Masquerading as a human by day, she attends school, maintains human friends, and works as a barista. At night she reveals her true nature as a ghoul: ruthless and full of hatred for the CCG.


Quickly spin, launching shards at all enemies in target area.


Dashes forward, dealing damage and knocking down all enemies in her path.

Shard Onslaught

Touka leaps high into the air, bombarding enemies within range with deadly shards.

Unstable Body

Increase all allies' skill CD reduction by n%

Nishiki Nishio

Nishiki Nishio attends Kamii university, works at Anteiku and has a human girlfriend, Kimi Nishino. In the beginning, he was at odds with Ken Kaneki, but later became one of his most trusted allies.


Strike enemies with Bikaku Kagune, dealing damage and stunning them.


Springs into the air and whips all enemies in a straight line with Bikaku Kagune.

Body Bomb

Wraps his Kagune around his leg, then jumps into the air and comes crashing down, dealing massive damage and stunning surrounding enemies.


Increases chance for normal attacks to reduce the CD time of other skills.

Ayato Kirishima

Ayato Kirshima is Touka Kirishima’s estranged younger brother. Though he won’t admit it to himself, he still cares deeply for his sister and joined Aogiri Tree hoping to become strong enough to protect her.

Arc Flash

Dash forward, launching an attack at the end that knocks down enemies.

Burst Shard

Launch an energized shard at closest enemy in range, dealing damage and stunning them.

Shard Bomb

Ayato launches himself in the air, spins, and unleashes a volley of shards at surrounding enemies.

Rebellious Heart

Ayato`s normal attacks will deal extra damage and slow enemies every few seconds.

Kisho Arima

Kisho Arima is a renowned special class ghoul investigator known as the CCG’s Reaper. He was undefeated as a ghoul investigator for many years.

Chaser Shot

Fires three electrically-charged shots that cause electrical damage on impact; follows up with physical attack damage.

Magnetic Storm

Unleashes a magnetic vortex, dealing damage and stunning enemies in front of him.

Narukami Bliss

Guide Narukami power to the caster's body, enter control immunity status and launch 2 powerful strikes.

Power Surge

Generate extra group damage based on normal attack damage *n% in a Crit.


An executive of Aogiri Tree and founder of the White Suits, Yamori’s ruthless brutality and distinct hockey mask led him to be known as the 13th Ward’s Jason.


Strikes enemies in front of him with his Rinkaku Kagune, dealing damage.

Brutal Blow

Sweeps the surrounding area with his Rinkaku Kagune, dealing damage and stunning them.

Energy Riot

Quickly charges then unleashes explosive energy, dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies.


The next normal attack after n times of normal attacks will deal extra n% damage.

Kotaro Amon

Kotaro Amon is a first-class ghoul investigator and partner to Kureo Mado. He views ghouls as humanity’s greatest threat and seeks to eradicate them. 


Create a shock wave with a mighty stomp, dealing massive damage and stunning enemies in front of him.

Swift Charge

Amon sprints forward, dealing damage and stunning hit enemies.

Ground Smash

Amon leaps into the air, then smashes the ground with his Quinque, dealing massive damage and stunning the enemies within the area of effect.


Every attack can recover n% HP based on the caster's Max HP.

Shu Tsukiyama

Infamously known as the Gourmet of the 20th ward, he joined the group at Anteiku with the secret intention of eating Kaneki. He believes a ghoul’s hunger should be celebrated and views his food as art, not just as a means of survival.


Dashes to enemy area with a deadly slash, dealing massive damage.


Springs into the air and whips the ground with his Koukaku Kagune, dealing damage and stunning enemies within area of effect.


Initiates Fury, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and generating a barrier allowing him to withstand incoming damage.


Normal attack and skill damage received will reduce attackers' Attack Speed by n% and Movement Speed by n% for n seconds.

Rize Kamishiro

Known as the Binge Eater, Rize Kamishiro is a voracious ghoul who shows no remorse to those foolish enough to fall victim to her charm.


Stab forward with 4 Rinkaku Kagunes, dealing massive damage and slowing enemies.


Rize darts forward and unleashes a powerful energy blast, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Binge Eater

Rize attacks relentlessly with her Rinkaku Kagune multiple times and finishes with a powerful slam, dealing massive damage to nearby enemies.


A normal attack has a n% chance to trigger Bleed. Bleeding damage = Normal attack damage.

Kureo Mado

Kureo Mado was a First Class ghoul investigator, as well as Kotaro Amon’s partner and mentor. He was obsessed with creating Quinques out of ghoul Kagunes, but was bested while tracking down Hinami Fueguchi and Touka Kirishima.


Mado slashes an enemy once, then spins for a powerful lunge.

Spinning Blade

Multi-directional slashes knock down enemies within range.


Generate electric energy to surround a weapon and take up the weapon to thrust forward, dealing damage to enemies after electric energy explodes and causing extra n% damage to targets with less than n% HP.

Combat Instincts

Increase Attack Speed by n% and Movement Speed by n% for n seconds after killing an enemy.

Seido Takizawa

Seido Takizawa is a Rank 2 ghoul investigator and former classmate of Akira Mado at the Academy. He’s known for his straight-forward, earnest personality, and is always trying to improve as an investigator.

Deadly Shot

Seido fires a penetrating bullet, dealing damage to enemies within area of effect.

Rapid Shot

Shoots a barrage of bullets with the last bullet causing incendiary damage.


Seido launches himself into the air to fire an explosive round at the enemy, dealing damage to enemies within the area of effect.

Ammo Expert

Normal attacks have a chance to stun enemies.

Akira Mado

Akira Mado is an associate special class ghoul investigator and the daughter of Kureo Mado. She takes her father’s place as Kotaro Amon’s partner.


Slam her Quinque into the ground, dealing damage to enemies in a line.


Fiercely swing Quinque twice, dealing damage to enemies in front of her.


Create a barrier around her that nullifies damage {5} times. Her next {5} normal attacks deal increased damage.

Amatsu Power

Add a shield for surrounding allies after using Execution, absorbing (the caster's Max HP *n%) damage and lasting for n seconds.

Renji Yomo

Renji Yomo was once a hot-headed and vengeful ghoul, but his demeanor changed after he started working at Anteiku. He is Yoshimura’s right-hand man.


Stomp on the ground, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.


Spin and slam heel into the ground, dealing damage to enemies in front of him.

Leg Whip

Quickly charge before unleashing a devastating kick, dealing damage and knocking back surrounding enemies.


Renji’s skill restore a small amount of his HP when they deal damage.

Kaya Irimi

The former leader of the Black Dobers, Kaya Irimi is known by the alias Black Dog. After meeting Yoshimura, she began working as a waitress at Anteiku.


Slash surrounding enemies, dealing damage and increasing movement speed.

Shard Assault

Kaya fires multiple shards in front of her, dealing damage and repelling enemies.

Shadow Claw

Ignore the opponent's DEF, the amount of which is equal to the caster's ATK*n%.

Blood Claw

Kaya's normal attacks will restore HP on hit.

Juzo Suzuya

Description: Kidnapped at a young age by the ghoul Big Madam, Juzo Suzuya was rescued by the CCG. Since then, he has become a special class ghoul investigator under his mentor, Yukinori Shinohara.

Death Billhook

Thrust Quinque forward, dragging enemies towards him and dealing damage.

Deadly Tornado

Spins Quinque around him, dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies.

Drain Chop

Juuzo Suzuya uses a sickle to slash the front sector, dealing massive damage to targets.


Cause damage to the target, reduce the target's HP Recovery effect by n%, and transfer n% damage dealt to the target into HP.